Monday, July 29, 2013

Yellows and blues

 The Alberta farmland is looking stunning right now.
The yellows of the rapeseed/canola is in full glow.

And as the little puffs of clouds pass by, they create shadows galore over the fields.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Canmore - before the flood

A week before that awful deluge of rain in Canmore, Alberta, my family were up driving around some of the back roads in the area.
 Again and again I will say - what a damn 
pretty part of the world.
Beautiful hues and reflections.
Big skies.
Big landscape.
Big mountains,

and big smiles!

We will be keen to visit again later in the summer, and hopefully the devastation to the town, homes and roads can be repaired soon.

and I hope you find those Big Skies in your part of the world.

Happy garden!

I moved to this home (and to Canada) six years ago.  After the first year of looking at a square of boring grass, 
I have spent many pleasurable, achy and expensive hours coaxing, poking and persuading the wee patch behind my house to play ball, and have pleaded with it to grow some nice "stuff" for me.
Finally, this year, the flowery borders have a bit of height, a decent splash of colour, and the lawn looks kinda OK.  
Free plants are the best kind!  I was given a few of those at the end of the 2011 season.  Everything came back up again last summer, but didn't really flower much or do itself justice - it was still getting used to it's new home,
but woohoo, this year - bang!