Thursday, November 1, 2018

Road Trip from Calgary to Vancouver

Mr. Frostbite and I took a road trip to Vancouver a couple of weeks ago.  We were taking Daughter Number One out there to go to School, so we hired a van and filled it with her random but essential belongings - like her bed, mattress, bookcase, a small sofa and numerous boxes of books! Due to an unusually early and unwelcome dump of snow in Calgary on October 2nd, we had been fretting about winter road conditions and lack of winter tyres on a rental vehicle, and how long it would take to drive just over 1000km across about four mountain ranges.

There was no need to worry in the end.  We somehow managed to pick THE most beautiful week of weather and had an amazing drive through spectacular country which was smack bang in the middle of an autumn colour frenzy.  I literally gasped about five times.

We were taking her car out there too, and while the three of us were supposed to swap around driving duties, she promptly fell asleep for many hours (nervous energy finally catching up I think) and my husband ended up doing the whole van journey on his own, while I drove her car and tried to listen to my music over her snoring!
The Alberta-British Columbia routes are simply stunning.
The central Shushwap Lake areas of BC were clear and gorgeous, and although it was October, you could almost be tempted to go for a swim.  Almost.
Vancouver was also showing off.  We had anticipated some of those grey west coast skies, but nope, we were served up more beautiful blue skies and lots of warm late Fall sunshine. 

And we popped down to a small coastal town called White Rock, which I suppose is really a suburb of the greater Vancouver area.
And all in all it was a gorgeous few days, which was good because it distracted me from bursting into tears as it finally became apparent that my baby has all grown up.
These photos are - all in all - very blue!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

I have not died ...

I am still alive and kicking - and though the blog seems mostly dead, I wonder if I can resurrect it with a new post.  
One, two, three and breathe.  One, two three and breathe.

Is there a pulse?  Any sign of life?

The Frostbite and Sunburn family celebrated 11 years in Alberta this past May.  Daughter Number One is now 20 and Daughter Number Two is now 18.

The "About Me" narrative on the right hand side is a lie.  I am no longer a 40-something Brit, but have embraced my fifth decade with dual-citizenship, love, appreciation and another 20 lbs.  My husband was also 50 this past week, and life continues to be busy at work for both of us - and the rewards and challenges of children continue to morph as we all grow up.

We lost my fellow-author, Smudge, last year and all our hearts broke quite a bit.  This was him at Christmas - still bright-eyed but almost immobile.

The Honey Bear is still around, and is a calm loving dog who is way better behaved now as the solitary canine in the home.  I mean, all those cuddles for one dog is awesome.

So - whether to continue on this blog format, or to have a re-think and reincarnate myself?  Hmmmm.

Wave if you can feel my pulse! 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Quick catch up?

I'm pretty sure there are no readers left here, for it has been a long time since last posting, but hello to anyone that picks up this little blip on their radar. I've missed you.
I am alive and well in deepest southern Alberta, and have been quietly appreciating what was just about the most mild and lovely winter Canada could have offered me.  Yes, we had our moments, but we also had plenty of abnormally warm weeks above 10 degrees C which were just heaven.

On the other side of the country they seemed to get hammered with obscene amounts of snow, week in and week out.  My sympathies guys.

It's now a cool Easter weekend but pah, it's summer next week surely?  I mean, there is grass sprouting and everything.  And there are chocolate eggs in my very close vicinity.  Nom nom.
Life has been busy and challenging.  Teenagers.  Need I say more?
I've discovered rather belatedly that my mood is dictated by the moods of my children and it's exhausting and I need to figure a way out to stop this pattern.

Daughter Number One is a kind and beautiful soul, both inside and out.  She is tall, stunning and funny in that (ahem, sarcastically) witty British kind of way.  She cares for and worries about too much in the world.

She lives with anxiety.  It's been formerly diagnosed - and to me, it came from no-where. Of course, that cannot be true, it will have been manifesting itself for years, but the trigger was was the concussion when she started high school I think, and the realities of the world came crashing in, causing her brain to overload and stop her walking for weeks.  It's been a battle ever since.

We have luckily had access to some amazing people through the Children's Hospital.  But then of course, we got a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes just over a year ago - as if the poor kid didn't have enough to worry about.  So that too has been another challenge and as the teenage hormones kick in, an occasional battle ground too.

From dancing in seven classes a week in all styles, she quit the whole lot. It was too anxiety-inducing in the end.  She had had three bouts of tonsillitis, back to back, in the Fall and had missed weeks of rehearsals.  Her sugar levels were all over the place and the dance teacher made some unguarded and not particularly helpful comment - and bang, she was done. 
 was more upset than she was, I think. This can't have been last time I watched her grace a stage.  I wasn't ready.  I said nothing of course, just kept my proud-mamma-bear feelings hidden.

With a little nudging however, reconciliation with the dance teacher ensued and she agreed/decided to go back for two routines.  My daughter is a a kind of all-or-nothing girl - so I don't think just two routines satisfies her on any level - but it keeps her hand (foot) in and leaves her some options if she wants to sign up again for September.  Or quit for good.  But she will at least understand that it will be a well-considered decision, rather than a fly-by-the-seat-of-pants decision.

At this point in time, I feel I could write for hours - I have so much whirling around in my head.  But I'll leave it there.

It's a long weekend for us and I'm just hoping to make the most of a couple of lazy pyjama mornings. I may or may not get out a paintbrush and I may or may not throw the vacuum around - I'm living on the edge I tell ya.
And in the meantime, my Sunday nights are empty.

More to follow, and Smudge will also update you soon too.  He has some shameful admissions to make.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's furry outside

It has been one of those weird freezing but foggy nights. 
An almost colourless day - and look, someone stole the mountain view again.
The dampness in the air creates a heavy hoar frost
which coat the trees in an icy layer - it looks like white velvet.

Boring suburban wire fences are five times their usual size
and the sun desperately tries to break through 
the frosty haze.
The grass looks alien
and the urban landscape portrays beautiful silhouettes.
And, of course, if you lie on your back, 
you can lick the snowflakes.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Smudge is not well

Some of you may be familiar with my fellow author, Smudge. Our cute bundle of black fur has not been a well woofer in recent months.  
 Although only 8 years old he has been getting progressively more slow and stiff in the hind quarters.
Several trips to the vet, a specialist vet, a plethora of tests and some $2,300 later, they think he has a form of arthritis.
We embark on an impressive array of pills and potions tomorrow, under the realization that only about a third of dogs respond well to them.

He's a sorry figure right now - won't hardly get up, drink or eat and has lost about 3lbs which is a lot for an 18lb dog.

I love my dog very much, but will not be embarking on extreme measures or going to the extent of building frames and wheels for him.  Let's see how the next month or two pans out and if he appears to have some quality of life and can manage a little tail-wag or two.
Feeling a bit sad right now.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

27 degrees

27 degrees - that's how much the temperature dropped in just 24 hours.

Saturday morning - nice and sunny and about 11 or 12 degrees Celsius.

We put up the Christmas lights outside as we had been warned of a snow storm a-coming.
 Sunday morning - bang! 
Hello winter, my old friend.
And down to -16 degrees.

And to anyone who watches Game of Thrones, I just have to add my little cliche.
Stay warm out there.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Healthy Living - Pah!

We all know we should be doing more to 
achieve a long and healthy life.

I'm still working on this, 
but there is just so much to remember.

First rule; I know that we should all try to 
eat well...and that usually involves 
eating bowls of green stuff 
- you know, leaves.

Secondly - very important (apparently) - exercise regularly.

Limit your alcohol intake.

Try to laugh and have a little fun, everyday. 

But you know what?  Being mentally and physically healthy all the time is hard work.
Sod it - you're amazing, just the way you are.