Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Healthy Living - Pah!

We all know we should be doing more to 
achieve a long and healthy life.

I'm still working on this, 
but there is just so much to remember.

First rule; I know that we should all try to 
eat well...and that usually involves 
eating bowls of green stuff 
- you know, leaves.

Secondly - very important (apparently) - exercise regularly.

Limit your alcohol intake.

Try to laugh and have a little fun, everyday. 

But you know what?  Being mentally and physically healthy all the time is hard work.
Sod it - you're amazing, just the way you are.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween fun

Canada loves Halloween.  
Are you ready for the doorbell ringing incessantly 
on Friday night?

Here's some tips to keep it fun.
Don't get in a fuss about all those trick or treaters.

Keep your pets safely indoors.

and remember to park all your vehicles out of the way.

It's that time of year, when little people dress up, and big people should know better.

We know it's almost Halloween here, because the temperature plummets.

There has been much discussion in the news this week about inappropriate sexy costumes for kids and tweens...
but here in Alberta, it's too bloody cold to look sexy.

Anyway, come Saturday morning, we'll be trying to donate all the leftover Coffee Crisps
and putting up our Christmas lights!

Happy Halloween.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weather fronts

Here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in southern Alberta we have the opportunity to watch weather fronts rolling in - sometimes for an good hour or three before they actually hit us.

This week it has been the warm chinook winds.  The distinctive lines in the sky are the giveaway.
So far, it has been a quite lovely and mild autumn - and longer than usual because the temperatures have been kind.

So we have been able to enjoy the hues on the leaves for about 6 weeks.
This rarely happens because we either get a mammoth windy storm that blows all the leaves away, or an early dump of snow that freezes the leaves and they drop off instantly into a soggy mess.

We did have a two-day dump in early September, which caused untold devastation to weak trees around the city - but right now, we're slated for another mild week, so I'll take that thank you!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Cell-phone skies

It's been reel purdy round these here parts. 
I jis' luuuuuv September.
You know it's a bootiful sunrise when ya have to pull over on ya horse(power) during a busy morning commute

And some of the sunsets ain't been bad neither.
 And they don't call this Big Sky country for nuttin' - Montana's more northerly cousin.

I know the quality of the photos is not great - it's the best a quick cell-phone shot can get on short notice
but ya gotta admit, they sure are purdy....