Wednesday, June 27, 2012

River Deep

June is the rainy season in southern Alberta - and living up to its name, it has been pouring on and off all month.  Big, heavy, noisy rain.
The rivers are high.
The swirling waters are muddy 
in frothy action.

Flood warnings have been given out for 
the Bow River and the Elbow River 
that run through Calgary.

The snowmelt from the mountains 
adds to the rushing waters.
Even the specially-built culverts that are designed to funnel the water down to the river are getting some use - in five years of walking this route, I have never actually seen them in action.
Strongly worded warnings are publicised - people should stay out of their canoes and boats - the emergency services don't fancy battling the fast flows to rescue you!
But it really doesn't stop you playing beside the river now, does it?

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