Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bad blogger

I am so behind on blogging and reading blogs.

I have been up to my ears in kid's dance competitions, choral rehearsals with a new director, and evening classes for the terminally insane (it's an accounting course and I'm barely keeping my head above water).

In fact, I am only typing this up now because I am off work today under the guise of revising for my final exam tonight, but it's lunch time and I am trying not to get sticky fingers on my keyboard as I munch my way through a Rappleberry bagel smothered in peanut butter and jam.  Yum! And if you are interested, it's being washed down with a blackcurrent tea and a chocolate chip cookie.  In fact, I had a yoghurty granola bar thingie earlier too, so it's a bit of a "Carbs R Us" day.  Great stuff.

The accounting course is killing me slowly, and giving me an inferiority complex.  I am a normal intelligent woman (on most days) but anything with those squiggly lines - you know,  numbers - gets me every time.  I cannot do mathematics.  At all.   Brain just flicks a switch and says "whatever".  Accounting is not quite maths - it's learning, by rote, a series of steps and entries to make your book-keeping work.  Which is fine, until you forget one little step.  Then you're buggered and everything you try to work on after that is a complete waste of time because the answer will be wrong.

I like words and language.  I like to be able to talk about things, talk my way out of things, to elaborate or to explain something three different ways. Accounting doesn't want to play like that.  Apparently, I won't earn extra points if I write some nice explanatory paragraph in the margin of my final exam explaining why I am a doofus and, sorry Miss, but I forgot how to enter discounts in my journal, or the ratio for working out inventory turnover.

And the crucial element really is that I can find no way in my brain to apply what I am learning.  I have somehow managed to get to 47 years old without knowing this stuff.  I can balance my bank account, I can run as good a household debt as anyone, and I am not about to apply for a job as a book-keeper.  So I am only doing the course because I have to, because it is part of a Management Certificate program that, at one point, I thought would be a good idea.

Onwards and upwards.  Four more hours of revision, then it's too late.  I will be lucky if I scrape together 50% to pass this exam.  And then I'm done.  Thank God!

Hopefully, normal blogging will return soon.

Oh, if that bloody Anonymous spammer could please just f*** off, that would be great, thanks.