Thursday, July 19, 2012

SkyWatch Friday

Big, high "Can't make up my mind" skies.
A little bit of glamour and show
And the last hints of rain drift away.

SkyWatch Friday - please check out other beautiful skies from around the world.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Public Information Service

Hope you can read this - it's quite important information which I trust will clarify the differences in the provinces across this vast country for you.
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There will be a test later.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Jasper National Park, Alberta

Warning!!! Long post with ridiculously nice photos included.  You'll be dusting off your tent before you get to the end, I tell you.
We've just had a few days away, camping near the small Rocky Mountain town of Jasper.
  • Car stuffed to bursting point - check.
  • Two daughters in back seat - check.
  • Two bemused dogs on board - check. 

The drive took us about six hours, and that included tea and pee breaks.  Very important.  For everyone.
Numerous photo opportunities of course.  This is, after all, one of the most photographed places in Canada.
Stunning vistas along Highway 93, even when some rain was threatening.
...and an opportunity to play with the arty-farty settings on 
hubby's new camera.
Obliging wildlife.  These are caribou (also known as reindeer in other parts of the world). 
That middle fawn is posing nicely.  
"Did you get my best side?"

And talk about posing for the camera - here is Bear Number One (yes, there are more to come) - a glossy, black bear chomping on some foliage.
And above is Bear Number Two.  He was small and brown, so we think he was a black bear (I know - oxymoron) too, and not big enough to be a Grizzly.  Just wandering up a hillside, minding his own business.
And here is a shy Bear Number Three.  
"No photos please folks, I'm very busy with these here dandelions."

Jasper is a small and pretty town with a population of just over 4,000 people.  Though popular for skiers in the winter, I am sure that in the summer season, the population must swell hugely.  And that's just the RV's.

Wiki tells me Jasper National Park was established in 1907 - though the area was once a fur trading stop from the early 1800's for the Hudson Bay Company.
Beautifully maintained buildings are dotted around the town.
And the newer ones have that arty, cutesy look going on.
Even the dog park has a view.
And how would you fancy looking out your window and seeing this fella at your back fence?

And the dogs? They were properly pooped.
Map reading can be very tiring.
Back seat driving is also hard work.
All this fresh air and camping lark, well, they can hardly keep their eyes open.

So - is your tent all packed up and ready then?

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day

Have a very happy Canada Day,
my fellow Canadians!
Looking forward to peaceful and sunny day, just chillaxing.  

Or trying out the Canadian national anthem on my beer bottle ....

And any excuse for a long weekend is a good excuse in my book.