Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SkyWatch Friday - Relief

Here comes another one - a chinook 
rolling in this morning and a welcome break 
- up to 5 degrees C this afternoon.  Finally.

And I want you to truly appreciate my photos this week, because I have suffered for my art! 
As I was on my way to work, 
I quickly pulled my car over and jumped out to take these.  

When I returned to my car, all the doors were locked, 
with the engine running.  Excellent!

So I had to walk back to my house 
and grab the spare keys, then
walk back to the car, get in, 
drive back home, drop off the spare keys then 
finally actually go to work.  What a pain!

So today, it is a relief for me to see the break in temperature, and a relief also that I hadn't parked up on the side of a highway miles from anywhere!

Have a super SkyWatch Friday.


  1. A chinook! Oh, lucky you. We haven't had one yet, so we still have a lot more snow over here on the east side of the province. Well, I'll just enjoy your hardly-snowy pictures, although the Rockies look more beautiful than ever with snow on them.
    SO glad you didn't do the key thing halfway to work. Whew!
    I still haven't learned to carry a camera with me when I go out. Maybe that's a good thing.
    Thanks for your nice comment about my friends' dogs. They are lovely ladies, aren't they?
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Good job it wasn't still in the minus thirties! Looks like it was worth it for the lovely pics!

  3. I was looking for a helicopter when I read 'chinook'!
    Lovely skies but what a shock to find yourself locked out of your car with the engine running!

  4. You did us justice in getting the pics. What a pain getting locked out of the car! Good thing you weren't too far from home. These are really great photos, thanks! ;)

  5. I'm sorry for your suffering...but wow, looking at your photos it seems like it was worth least for us...they are beautiful!!!

  6. Oh wow I have to look at it closer to see how beautiful it is. Great capture!

  7. OH what a story! Well, I think your suffering was worth it as these shots are wonderful!

  8. Great capture and lucky you with a chinook. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. Wonderful scenery, well captured!..... thanks for all your efforts to share your views!....:)

  10. Oh, I miss those chinooks! They're calling for temps over zero for 3 days in a row here this week. We had a blizzard on Friday, so watching the snow start to melt is going to be the highlight of my week!!
    You really did go above and beyond to capture those shots--nice work!

  11. Great shots! Had a ski yesterday morning, c. 5 deg F. But it warms above freezing by noon or so. Not many Chinooks here, but have been to neighboring Great Falls when it soared from -20 deg F morning to 50 deg F afternoon. Amazing.