Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spot the Difference

This is what I like ...

And this is what I've got...

OK - let's play again.

This is what I like...

And this is what we've got...

Worked it out yet?
Yes, ladies and gentlemen - "Green" is M.I.A.

When I lived in the UK, January and February were the longggggeeesttt months.  
We've all got those, wherever we live in the world, I am sure.  
Mine was the I'm-skint-and-need-a-holiday-and-some-flowers-and-where-is the-bloody-sun kinda feeling.

Now I live in Alberta, I have lots more sunshine - but I still get moments of

But it's happening, slowly.  
Reporting live from just outside Calgary, I can confirm the recent sighting of not one, but several blades of green grass - it's finally happening folks - god, it's so exciting!

And my tulips have re-surfaced again - carefully sticking their little noses out of the soil - and not seeing any snow for at least four days now, they are going for it!  Yay - c'mon my brave little soldiers!
I am CRAVING a riot of colour.


  1. Oh god, I hear you! No tulips here yet, but I live in hope. My kid's blue toboggan finally resurfaced after the last of the sled hill melted yesterday. That was exciting. I guess I'll take that for now.

  2. Our grass is turning quite green now in Edmonton. That's why WE'RE the capital city and you're not.

  3. I think we take our green for granted in UK:-) I'm glad some colour is finally appearing in your landscape.

  4. My neighbour has tulips planted outside the south wall of her house, and they are BLOOMING! My tulips and irises are emerging from the ground, very slowly, nice green leaves.
    We've had a couple of rainy days lately, so the buds on my trees are turning into itty bitty leaves.
    The dandelions are growing. Yes, growing like weeds.
    — K

    Kay, Southeastern Alberta
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. I'm soaking up all the green in our garden in preparation for next spring in Calgary!

  6. A friend of mine in Calgary told me this has been the worst winter she's ever seen there... and she's from there! =:-o

    I'm sure there will some good karma payback some how... fingers crossed!