Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week One of the School Holidays (9 to go!)

I have been in a bit of a blogging funk the past few weeks - life has been very busy.  Family came to stay from the UK which was great (and so very fattening), the last few home renovation and DIY projects were completed, and exhausted children and parents were praying for that last day of school, and now we've moved full swing into what-to-do-with-the-kids-in-the-summer mode.
'Cos they love each other so much!

Kids camps to the rescue!

My girls are booked into a few camps each this year - the variety can be overwhelming and costs can be eye-watering - but as working parents, we reach the usual compromise of camps, playdates, mum and dad booking alternate dates off from work, and then a few days of making it up as you go along.  A good fall-back is to have plenty of flour, sugar and chocolate chips in the kitchen cupboards!
So far, Daughter Number Two has spent a week learning how to make soap, lip gloss, and some disgusting smelly gloop that is supposed to revitalise your hair - one whiff of that, and I'm not convinced.  Key ingredients were vinegar and kelp - just let your imagination loose with that one. Poo-ey!
Next week, both girls go to the "best idea ever mum" and attend a Shakespeare vs Glee camp at Calgary Young People's Theatre.  Who knew Juliet could sing Bohemiam Rhapsody with such verve?  Thou art more lovely than a Scaramouche, Scaramouche, can thou do the Fandango.

Later in July comes a one-week camp away from home with a friend (think mum's gonna like that week the best) and then in August, there will be a dance camp to shock their lazy limbs and muscles back into fitness mode.
Speaking of dance, one of this house's tv favourites - So You Think You Can Dance - has returned to our screen - but some wise production companies have decided to run the American series and the Canadian series at the same time. When, pray tell, am I supposed to get a look in, on my own television?!  With the two dance shows, then the results shows - that's four evenings taken care of.   Hummmph! 
(Pssstt, if you have the vaguest clue or interest in what I'm talking about, 
I'm rooting for Melanie Moore - simply stunning on the stage)

The latest home renos include new carpet (finally) on the stairs and the three bedrooms, and I think I've reverted to the 1970's because shag is back in.  Well, just a short shag (Brit readers, stop sniggering).  And here's one tip for you.  When the carpet fitting company offer to pull up your old carpet for a few extra dollars, take them up on it!  

OMG - what a hard, dusty and disgusting job that was - especially the stairs - and then you spend hours pulling out hundreds of bloody staples.  Then you have to load up your own vehicle - twice, just to take it all to the tip.   So just pay the man, OK?  Anyway, it all looks and feels fab underfoot - and not a tea-stain, paint stain or puppy-pee stain in sight!
And last but not least on this mini-update, two quick bathroom renos have now been completed too, 
and I need to collapse with a very large glass of the chilled stuff.  I mean - there are still nine weeks of school break to contemplate here!


  1. Welcome back - my you have been busy. I especially love the neatly folded towel touch in the bathroom - someone has been watching too much HGTV ;)

    We also plumped for the very short (cue snigger) shag in the bedroom too! Feels lovely between your toes, eh? Carpet is such a Brit thing - none of that shiny wood floor malarkey!


  2. Hi Flossie- thank you. HGTV towels indeed - you know you're not allowed to use them, right?! LOL

  3. Love your bathroom sink and taps -- very stylish!

  4. Those renos look amazing. I'm overwhelmed with things that need doing here. I usually just leave the room and hope when I come back, it'll all have magically fixed itself!
    I so wish we had the amazing camps here that you do in Calgary. My poor kids are already bored!

  5. You are SO right about having the carpet guys take out the old before they bring in the new. Not a D-I-Y project anyone enjoys, and the mere thought of the staples on the stairs exhausts me.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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