Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Discovery of Witches

I am no accomplished book reviewer, but here's a blatent plug for my latest read.

I really enjoyed this.  And it's part of a (yet to be finished) trilogy - and would make a sumptuous film.  I can't wait for the author, Deborah Harkness, to hurry up and get Part Two published.
If I say there is a hint of Twilight - but without simpering, angst-ridden teenagers (I never could work out why Edward fell in love with the humourless Bella) - would that put you off?  But if you were to throw in some good-quality mystery and modern-day romance with a twist, fighting and flying, killing and kissing - you are halfway to understanding the essence of this book.  All the characters are either witches, vampires, daemons or wizzards.  (There is the odd human thrown in for good measure - and it makes me wonder where I would fit.  You know, it's not a totally proven fact that I am human you know).

Mystery and intrigue, action and world travel, magic and lurve.  C'mon - what more do you need?  Enjoy.


  1. sounds mysterious, all right~

  2. I had no problem with the vampires in Twilight. It was all those insufferable teenagers! So this sounds right up my alley!