Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SkyWatch Friday - Clear blues

A Labour Day weekend trip to Kimberley in British Columbia finished off the summer break 
with a few days of welcome recreation.
Clear lakes in the Kootenays become a playground.
Washed up or washed out? 
A spectacular lakeside tree root.
And such clear skies - not a puff of cloud 
to be found anywhere.
Uninhabited sunshine-and-shade walking trails around the Kimberley Nordic Club cross-country ski routes.
Hidden wasps nests ...
And worthwhile views across the hazy skies 
to the mountains opposite.


Happy SkyWatching!

And my apologies for not getting onto and commenting on many of your blogs this week  - as you can see, I was distracted!!


  1. That is one big wasp nest! Be glad it's not under your eaves, LOL!

  2. Took me a bit to work out that was a dog in the first picture! The canoes look great fun, hope you stayed in them as the water looks cold!

  3. Wonderful and stunning photos for SWF!What a fantastic nature!Have a nice weekend!

  4. Oh, gorgeous! It's enough to distract anyone - what beauty:-)

  5. Cavorting in the Kootenays — Skywatching doesn't get much better than that! I'm particularly partial to BC.
    Going to be going through your part of Alberta later this month to show a blogger friend from The Netherlands a bit of the Rockies: Banff, Lake Louise, then maybe have time to go in the other direction to Drumheller.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. Looks like you were the only people there - and on a holiday weekend too! Looks lovely - I want to dip my toe in that water...brrrr!


  7. What a great place. Love the blues of the lake and sky.

  8. The top shot is a picture of serenity that a pet can even enjoy. Must be lovely nestled amid those low lying mountains.

  9. Lovely scenery in the first shot.

  10. A lovely place to spend a holiday. Love the washed up tree roots, some of our so called 'modern art' sculptors could learn a thing ot two from that.
    Hope the wasps stayed home that day!
    Lovely photo's.

  11. Great photo's everybody had fun.

  12. You picked a stunning place to have some end-of-summer fun. And with perfect blue-sky weather, too! I have memories of times in the Kootenays...

  13. my blog has some spats, so I refer to the "anonymous" -this is Jeannette StG -glad you had a fun weekend! That wasp nest reminded me on one that kept reappearing in the eve of our previous house -better in the woods, lol!

  14. Sorry, I was distracted too, lol! The comment above is from me, Jeannette StG

  15. Oooh, how I wish I was there. I visited Kimberley once many years ago and was captivated then.

  16. B C is really a natures wonder.

    Five years ago we went on Canadien #3 from Vancouver to Glacier NP. Fantastic higway.

    Thanks for sharing wonderful photos from the area.

  17. I enjoyed the virtual escape from our smoky skies into your crystal blue world.