Saturday, August 4, 2012

London 2012, from Calgary

I am currently sitting (literally) in the 
gold medal position in the 
"Armchair Critic" event.

Loving the coverage and it's great to be supporting two teams!


  1. But what happens when one of the two defeats the other, as the Canadian women did (to everyone's surprise) when they beat the British in soccer?
    You seem to be handling the position of two-country armchair critic admirably, and wearing your gold medal well.

  2. Kay - I'm finding it easy to support both teams - it's like double the value!! and Canada can have the soccer, they are way better at women's soccer!

  3. I love having 2 teams to support. My husband thinks I'm weird to not just support the side I came from, but it makes complete sense to me! Have fun!!

  4. LoL - love it:-) and I agree about the soccer - my Canadian great-niece plays soccer:-)