Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Say it ain't snow...

No time for blogging, no time for taking many pretty pictures, no time for brain to engage.

Daughter Number One has had a concussion, and this week her legs have stopped working properly.  It has been a tad stressful.

So let me distract us all. Because I am off work today with her, and because she is sleeping, I have time to upload a couple of piccies.

Here are some more photos of Albertan autumnal colours, 
Early October - farmland and foothills
and Memorial Drive, heading into Calgary city centre
and then autumn seemed to pass us by in the blink of an eye.

And the snow arrived this week.  Far too early, surely?   I'm not liking the dull light today.
December might have been more acceptable!

Our World Tuesday - have a good one.


  1. Beautiful autumn scenery - although the snow is a bit too early.

    Here's hoping your daughter gets better soon.

  2. Lovely shots! Hope your daughter is better soon!

  3. I am on week 5 of effects from a nasty concussion. They are dangerous, lots of confusion, headaches, nausea, neck and head strain, balance is still off. I hope your daughter has been to the doctor for evaluation. I do not know her age, but, if this just happened, don't let her sleep too long at a time, tho rest is important, giving her brain time to regain it's balance within the skull, but hopefully there is no internal swelling. I don't mean to scare you but concussions are nothing to mess with.
    Just this week, I tried driving a few miles...not feeling too confident yet. Take care and my prayers are yours.

    Your photos are beautiful.

  4. Oh dear, I hope your daughter recovers quickly! And boo to snow this early.

  5. Great fall, but typical Canadian change. Hope your daughter is better. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon Tiver, Canada.

  6. Best wishes to your daughter.

    We've had some snow here in Vegreville but nothing that's stayed and certainly not as much as your pictures show (although my OH will be delighted as he wants ski season to start - NOW). This is going to be our first Alberta winter and I want to ease into it!

  7. Oh, I wish it weren't so with your daughter. I hope she's well soon.
    The weather is the least of your problems right now, although I'm sure your commute must be dreadful in winter.
    Thinking of you and your family from over here in the also-snowy Medicine Hat area.

  8. Thank you all for your good wishes for my daughter. She is on Week 4 on her (post) concussion symptoms, and last Wednesday her legs just stopped working. Everything has been checked out with the neurologist but her brain is just trying to do much and has kind of shut down a bit. All quite odd but prognosis is good - just very slow!

    Time for all of us to take a breather and slow the pace of life down a bit.

    Dar - I wish you well too, and hope you are also feeling much better soon.

  9. I do hope your daughter is recovering now - what a horrible experience for you all. On the plus side (and there usually is one!) you're spending time at home and not having to go out in bad weather. Keep warm, keep safe:-)

  10. I do hope your daughter is up and about soon. My husband had a very bad concussion about ten years ago. That was bad enough--I wouldn't want to go through it with one of my kids.
    If you have snow, we're probably not too far behind. Truly, I will never get used to Canadian winters!!
    Hang in there!

  11. We spent some time in Alberta and just missed the snow! Yay!

    Please keep us posted on your daughter. Sending love to her and you.