Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Snow Scapes and Footprints

Smudge Snow Beard

I was walking the dogs around my neighbourhood last night when a deer came running out of a garden, across the road right in front of us and flew off down the path through the park. The dogs were momentarily enthralled - "woah - let me at 'im" as they both attempted to run after it. Good job I had hold of their leads nice and tight!  So we then followed and sniffed its hoof prints in the snow.  

I followed, and they sniffed, you understand.
Honey, the Red Nosed Spaniel

Which brings me to a little snow show taken during another walk last week.
Hoof prints?  Small, deep, round and even, but surely they don't walk in such a straight line? 
There are not many birds here right now, so I'm guessing this is either one of those large pain-in-the-butt big black ravens (they really bug me - noisy things with few redeeming features!) or an American Robin.
A Raven Rave?  A Rockin' Robin?
A lonely figure on a frigid day.
At first I assumed these were from another dog.  But we were walking across virgin snow and there were no accompanying human prints so I think this must have been a coyote.  We sometimes hear them howling in the evenings.
The views are just one big 
Christmas card scene-scape right now.
Branches weighed down by the layers of snow and frost.
Winter shadows on a snowy hillside
And a print from yours truly.

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  1. Yes, a winter wonderland! I'm glad your photos were of tracks and not scat, LOL!

  2. I am visiting from camera critters for the first time. Your puppies are so adorable! I have never seen one with the red nose before. Of course, Mom they have to go chase the deer☺


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