Sunday, March 10, 2013

D'oh! More snow!

The clocks changed last night, so that means it's nearly Spring, right?

Er, maybe not this week.

More scenes from Calgary and Cochrane in Alberta, after a wet and heavy snowy dump this week.

Work that body.
Or watch someone else fly past with their snow-blower.
Would you like some ice with that 
gin and tonic?  Just snap and go.
Good morning Calgary.
Good evening Calgary.
Hello Rockies.
And goodnight.

Linking to SkyWatch Friday, and OurWorld Tuesday this week.


  1. I've never seen snow in my life; so this is too beautiful for me! :)

    1. Oh wow - this must look like another planet to you right now then. Enjoy from a warm distance.

  2. I am sending you virtual space heaters!

  3. Oh, it does look COLD, but what terrific captures and such beautiful skies! Hope you have a wonderful week! Stay warm!!

  4. Inspite of the snow the morning and night shots are beautiful!You have snow and we are already having very hot days here in Muscat, Oman:)Have a great day!


  5. It never occurred to me that icicles would make great swizzle sticks! Get your ice and stirrer all in one. That's what I call feeding two birds with one scone. :-)

    Love the "good morning" and "good evening" sky photos! Lovely skies to bookend your day!

  6. Beautiful sky!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. I empathize with your snow conditions.. I think we may have gotten more in the past month than we have all winter. I'm trying to enjoy it while it's here, though!
    I've noticed a lot of icicles all winter too, across northern Minnesota. Never have I seen so many icicles hanging from eves & buildings!

  8. Oh, I was going to say "beautiful sky" and Gary beat me to it.
    Medicine Hat and area didn't get the snow you got this past week, and I must admit I'm glad, just returning from a month away.
    I always enjoy seeing how the other half (of southern Alberta) lives!