Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lovely mail

Look what finally arrived in the post this week...
I was so very excited to receive it.

And I'll be even more excited to use it at the border crossing next week when we head down to Coeur D'Alene in Idaho. Woo hoo to this new Canadian citizen with her flashy new document and photo ID.

It's such a shame that, rather like my driving licence, I look like I've just been released after serving ten years!


  1. i still don't have a passport but I think it is time I do. I am wanting to go to Seattle soon.

  2. Enjoy using that new passport! I actually gave an involuntary gasp of horror right in front of the photographer when I saw my most recent passport picture. It looks like the mug shot of a crack addict at least 15 years older than me!

  3. I hear you knitwit - it's truly awful what they make us do for these photos. What's wrong with a nice flashy smile, eh?

  4. You have to wonder why the authorities insist on photographic identity when the said photographs don't resemble the bearer at all . . . Enjoy your trip:-)


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