Saturday, November 2, 2013

Devonian Gardens, Calgary

Come with me into a tropical oasis.  I know it's November - let's dream and just ignore the snow that is falling outside.

My husband and I had to be in Calgary city centre at an unearthly hour this morning to drop our two girls off at a dance convention.  We decided we would hang out in the downtown core, which is pretty deserted on a weekend.  Excuse quality of photos - just the cell phone this week.
 It started to snow as we headed inside one of the malls.

We had a leisurely breakfast, and did a little shopping 
and as we walked through an overpass, we could see that the continuing snowfall was starting to settle on the branches of the trees, which always looks pretty - but it was not settling on the roads or paths (yet!).
At lunchtime we wandered up to the top level of The Core shopping mall off 7th Avenue in the heart of the city.  Here we munched away on our lunch, sitting among a lovely chunk of indoor tropical greenery.

The Devonian Gardens were originally opened in 1977, but  were closed for several years and re-furbished.  They opened again in June 2012.  There are over 500 palm trees up here.  I don't even want to think how much that weighs, or the stress it puts on the floor and ceiling joists!
The Devonian Gardens is the only indoor urban oasis in Calgary.

On a quiet Saturday lunchtime, there were plenty of seats and not many people, but during the week the office workers descend and the place is hopping.
There are living walls of plants and flowers
and water features provide an interesting distraction 
from the commercial hubbub of stores.  
Little children are particulary enamoured with the koi.
Wooden carved masks adorn the walls
and parents bring their small people to burn off some energy.
And then you are back out into the mall again,
 and look how much snow has gathered 
on the curved glass roof.

It's time for us to go and pick up the girls and check out how pooped they are after dancing for 5 hours.
That snow sure wants to settle on these gentlemen.
And the trees provide glistening, feathery silhouettes 
to the urban scenery.

And winter begins in Alberta.

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  1. I've been to the Devonian Gardens just south of Edmonton but have never been to the Calgary one. After seeing your wonderful photos, I know that I must go next time I'm in Cow Town! And PS, thanks for sending all that snow up to us, yeah.

  2. How beautiful. I don't know which I like best, your final photo of the feathery trees, or the ones of the beautiful indoor garden. The living wall reminds me of one we saw in Madrid some years ago.
    Next time we're in Calgary with some time to spend downtown (which doesn't happen often) I'd like to check out the Devonian Gardens.

  3. Thanks ladies! Deb, I didn't know there was a Devonian gardens in Edmonton so likewise, I shall try to visit too.

    Thanks Kay, you should definitely came and have a wander if you are in town!

  4. I've only been to Calgary in the summer, once even for the Stampede. But we did go to Edmonton for New Year's once. I remember warnings on TV about getting drunk, falling in the snow, and dying from the cold. Now that was a New Year's to remember. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post. - Margy

  5. Lovely to see Calgary again, though in my day there wasn't even a mall there.

  6. Ah! I see the Devonian Gardens are just as special as I have heard!


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