Saturday, January 25, 2014

Alberta weather being kind

It has been one of those beautiful clear winter days - the kind that is momentarily warm enough to undo your jacket, bask in some sunshine, and dream of Spring.
The snow is melting a bit - and boy, we have had a lot. December came in hard and fast and was the month that just kept on giving.  Inches of the white stuff.  My back garden is still 10 inches deep.

The dogs loved the opportunity to run today.  Dog outings have been mostly short, brisk and functional these past few weeks.
Honey relishes the whole back-rub thing.... 
... again and again and again.
However, during this hazardous sport, snow does get in your ears.
Smudge finds golf ball, one of those left-over-from-the-summer balls, as it emerges from the melting frozen course.
And just look how much fun you can have hiding a white golf ball in white snow.

You can pounce and dig for hours with this game.
And as ever on my blog, I insist on showing you the mountains.  You can't get bored of a view like that, can you?
And if you do, perhaps you can fly off somewhere new?


  1. We spent this nice warm day chipping the ice off the sidewalk while we still could.

    1. I hear ya Deb - the freeze-thaw is playing havoc with the sidewalks! Be careful out there.

  2. I am not a lover of snow because when it snows here it is so wet, mostly slushy. I could handle snow like you have.

    1. Our snow is quite gritty Birdie - useless for snowmen usually, but it kinda dissolves or evaporates quickly, so that is fine by me!


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