Saturday, April 12, 2014

What the internet is all about...

I've had little time to write or read blogs - I skim through my Facebook, and often wonder just how much time a teenager can dedicate to Instagram and Snapchat (it's a lot by the way). 
So things that have made me laugh out loud in recent weeks have a theme.  Cats.  Cats ARE funny.
And as has often be said before, no matter the advances in science and the internet, you can easily spend 90% of your surfing time looking a funny cat videos.  I get it.
There are grumpy cats, fat cats, cute and happy cats, scary cats, cats with different coloured eyes and the let's-beat-up-the-stupid-dog-and-steal-his-bed cats.

It's a long held opinion but a sad fact nonetheless  - we humans know we are merely tolerated.  Affection is doled out on an as-needed basis, and the reality is that cats will indeed inherit the earth. 
The sooner we get our heads around this fact, the easier life will be.

And so to my favourite cat video...

Know your place people.


  1. Half of love is just "lo"...I love this video, or maybe "I lo this video."
    Nice to see you back. Thanks for all the giggles.
    I hope all is well on the other side of the province.
    Meanwhile, I understand about the crappy spam. I can't imagine ever wanting to be a spammer.

  2. So funny! My oldest and I had a good giggle!