Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's furry outside

It has been one of those weird freezing but foggy nights. 
An almost colourless day - and look, someone stole the mountain view again.
The dampness in the air creates a heavy hoar frost
which coat the trees in an icy layer - it looks like white velvet.

Boring suburban wire fences are five times their usual size
and the sun desperately tries to break through 
the frosty haze.
The grass looks alien
and the urban landscape portrays beautiful silhouettes.
And, of course, if you lie on your back, 
you can lick the snowflakes.


  1. We have lots of it on this side of the province, too, and it still hasn't melted, at almost 3pm.
    Your photos are gorgeous, which reminds me, I took some hoar frost photos this morning and forgot all about them.
    — Kay, southeastern Alberta

  2. We're hoping to emigrate to Canada and have been looking at Cochrane. Posts like these just make me really excited to move!

  3. Just stopping by because you haven't posted in ever so long. How are you? How is Smudge?

  4. Brrr, brrr, brrr is all I can think!

    How is Smudge doing?