Sunday, August 12, 2018

I have not died ...

I am still alive and kicking - and though the blog seems mostly dead, I wonder if I can resurrect it with a new post.  
One, two, three and breathe.  One, two three and breathe.

Is there a pulse?  Any sign of life?

The Frostbite and Sunburn family celebrated 11 years in Alberta this past May.  Daughter Number One is now 20 and Daughter Number Two is now 18.

The "About Me" narrative on the right hand side is a lie.  I am no longer a 40-something Brit, but have embraced my fifth decade with dual-citizenship, love, appreciation and another 20 lbs.  My husband was also 50 this past week, and life continues to be busy at work for both of us - and the rewards and challenges of children continue to morph as we all grow up.

We lost my fellow-author, Smudge, last year and all our hearts broke quite a bit.  This was him at Christmas - still bright-eyed but almost immobile.

The Honey Bear is still around, and is a calm loving dog who is way better behaved now as the solitary canine in the home.  I mean, all those cuddles for one dog is awesome.

So - whether to continue on this blog format, or to have a re-think and reincarnate myself?  Hmmmm.

Wave if you can feel my pulse! 

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