Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pooped ....

So I started my new job this week - five days of commuting down, and I'm mentally and physically knackered! This work lark is not for the feint-hearted.

But I have really enjoyed it.

Each day commenced with a rude alarm call at 5.30am. That's after disregarding an earlier, even ruder alarm call that my husband had set for himself at 4.30am, as he was working early shifts this week. (And that is what has led to such a long and full day for me. It's been one of those passing-ships-leave-a-message-on-the-fridge weeks. Long time since we've done that.)

So after stumbling half-asleep into shower cubicles, muddling up shower gel and hair conditioner, forgetting towels and freezing my arse off as I dripped across the bathroom, whereupon a dozy but enthusiastic dog commenced licking my wet feet, I finally woke up.

I then went downstairs to dry said soggy but lovely smelling and tangly hair and by about 6am I was throwing various foodstuffs at three different lunchbags, emptying or filling dishwashers or washing machines (ah, domestic bliss) and serving doggie biscuits to two mightily confused canines who basically just sat on the bottom stair looking at each other saying "WTF is she doing up at this time of day?"

At 6.35am, with pure military precision, I awoke two startled daughters, gently nudging them awake, giving them a little kiss and then bombarding them with 'get up and get dressed' instructions - which they had to complete but the time I had taken those two confused dogs around the block.

I couldn't possibly contemplate my day until dog bowels were emptied. Yes, maybe I have to admit to being just a little bit odd.

By the way, this is what happens to dog fur in the snow. It's delightful as they melt and de-snowball themselves all over the house.

I should add that Day One of Week One was a cool -30 degrees and didn't actually get much warmer all day. Now that is a test of Alberta commuter-suitable clothing for anyone.

Talking of suitable clothing, I should not be complaining at all - this is a sample of what my husband looked like this week! All sympathetic or piss-taking comments gratefully received. Perhaps this picture could be my caption competition this week?

Anyway - back to me. At 6.50am after circling the block, I returned to the fold to (thaw out and) bark more military orders to the two young ladies who were sitting bleary-eyed at the breakfast table, playing with unloved Rice Crispies and abandoned dry toast.

They also exchanged those glances that said "WFT are we doing up at this time of day?"

(Poor quality - drive-by)

At 7.11am precisely, I drove away from the home to set off for the big scary city, then sat in traffic jams admiring all the other lunatics embarking on this world of employment.

I skidded into my new office on Day One, three minutes late and just a little harassed. I had the good grace to look embarrassed.

I arrived home by 5.30pm. Hubby had already got home by 4pm and had walked the dogs, de-briefed the girls on their school day, and failed to provide me with my evening dinner.
Two out of three ain't bad.

Day Two to Five - rinse and repeat - with me leaving a few minutes earlier each day so that by Friday I had the manoeuvres down to a fine art.

My children were in as much shock as me. Firstly, they were having to get up half an hour earlier than usual because mummy had got a new job. So how, exactly, is that fair? Secondly, they had to be responsible for getting themselves on the school bus on their own, not before putting the dogs in the kitchen, turning off the lights and locking the front door.

On this occasion, one out of three ain't bad. Hello would-be burglars.

(This is not my photo - thank you Gord Pennell - but I aim to take the camera next week 'cos I have a stunning view of the city at dawn, from my new workplace. My photo will, of course, rival the above excellent pixels!)

I may comment on my workplace and the personalities in it when I am feeling more knowledgeable (and brave) but suffice to say they have been a welcoming team, with a good sense of humour and I was even taken out to lunch by my boss. So all in all, a good first week.

However, you will have noticed it is Christmas next week, and I am not ready. This employment game sure gets in the way of useful and fun stuff, like life, doesn't it?

Hubby has the next week off work so I can relish in the luxury of getting just one body out of the front door on time (just like him for the past few years!) Wonder how that will work... I'll probably be late.

Have a great week everybody.


  1. Hats off to you for getting back into the swing of the working folk, in the freezing snow to boot! Oh, and for being able to blog about it too!

  2. Congrats on the job working out. It is a chore getting everyone up and ready. Mine a grown now but I still remember it well, AS I worked all through their lives it varied from getting the kids to the daycare, school and up for summer jobs! A lot of work but worth it in the end. Enjoy the week of one!


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