Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Skywatch Friday - A Lethbridge sunset

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I'm getting in early this week (or late depending on your point of view and time zone) and posting my SkyWatch effort today as I will have to unfasten my safety cord and leave my computer alone for a week or so. Flying solo - scary thought!

This was the sunset at Lethbridge, Alberta last Sunday evening and it had "blog" written all over it - I slammed on the brakes of the car and skidded to a halt at the side of the road, much to the amusement of my front seat passenger and fellow road users. Well, OK, they probably weren't that amused.

I then opened my friend's side window, allowing the cool Lethbridge breeze to come in and gently tousle her hair.

An alternative point of view, I suppose, might be that when I opened the window, a Force 10 gale burst through the vehicle, whipping up bags, maps and small children, and which trashed any idea of a maintaining a hairstyle for any of the occupants. People say Lethbridge is the windy city - flippin' heck - they aren't kidding.

Anyway, then I delicately leant across her, shoving my elbows in her face, just to capture these beautiful colours. She was suitably impressed with my dedication to you guys - just after fishing her hairbrush out of her bag.

Again, apols for the grainy quality - it's the point-and-shoot mini camera again - but you get the idea.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Back in a while!


  1. Gorgeous photos, Ann!

    Have a good trip!

  2. nice site...glad i was here..

  3. It's a sunset worthy of a little elbowing. If she's a real friend, she'll understand, especially if you take her to the beauty shop for Christmas. ;-)


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