Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grrrrr - need to vent.

A new bumper for my car. This is my punishment. Punishment for giving in to Daughter Number Two and agreeing to purchase the enticingly named but wholly unforgiveable meal of "Popcorn Chicken" from KFC. This was my crime.

Crappy food at it's worst - with fries and a pepsi to wash it down. Who says I'm not a caring mother, wrapped up in the all-encompassing nutritional welfare of my offspring? Well, it's about the most expensive meal I have ever bought because......

.... when I came outside to start my car, some bloody woman had reversed into my front bumper, which was now hanging off - and she had driven off! I was just a tad pissed off, I tell you.

I apologise, I am swearing too much right now.

I know who it was - as in I can describe her - I stood beside her for some interminable minutes while the two "not an urgent bone in their body" females behind the counter conjured up our gastronomic feasts.

On making the fateful decision to enter the stylish square box, aka KFC, for the first (and now only time), I parked behind a silver Grand Caravan beside the "restaurant" and noted it was a "Sport" version 'cos initially I thought it was a friend's car (but it wasn't) and a "Sport" version is unusual. There was a hoodie-wearing teenage person of unidentifiable features and sex, sitting in the front passenger seat, zoned out in the world of i-pod.

I went into KFC and eventually ordered my combo. Then I waited. And waited. And, as is my nosy way, I watched as a woman who had already been put out to pasture in the waiting area (Lordy, how can it take so long to put together such awful fast food?) got into a conversation with an older man - and I somehow took this relationship to perhaps be a teacher recognising one of his old students and having a ten minute catch-up. I'm not sure why but that's the vibes I picked up and how it seemed in my little world.

A few minutes later, the i-pod laden teenager appeared (a young male of the species if you are interested) and whispered something to the lady - I couldn't gauge her age - could have been his mum or his sister!

A short moment later, she gathered up her meals, bid farewell to the older male-cum-ex-teacher-cum-maybe-it-would-be-inappropriate-of-me-to-think-about-this-further - and she left. And within 30 seconds, my number was up (literally - they shout out your order number with such love and care) and my little brown bag containing one squillion calories was handed to me, and I too left the building.

And she was already long gone.

So I reckon the lad in the car either did something or hit something in the car and it rolled back into mine, then he came in and told the woman and they legged it quick.

Or she just reversed or rolled back into my car when they got ready to leave.

Either way, my bumper was properly knackered and half hanging off, and there is no way in hell they didn't know what they had done.

See this nice shiny picture of a nice car? Well, OK, I think it's a nice car, I love my big comfy, lolloping bus. Jeremy Clarkson may have other ideas. Well anyway, my car doesn't look like that anymore. It looks like this.

Not a happy bunny - could be worse though. I suppose. Could be like this gent's beetle!

I need to report this to the police station now. Bah humbug again. But I don't want to go through my insurance 'cos we'll then get hammered next year at premium renewal time because we dared to make a claim that had nothing to do with us! We have a $500 excess anyway. Grrrrr. You can feel my Grrrrrrr, can't you?

I tell you, I'm almost incensed enough to pen a snotty letter to our local paper shouting "SHAME ON YOU" and signed off "Yours, in disgust". That would show her. Yeah!

The dealership state a new bumper will be in the region of $1350. Great. Just what I want to spend the first few weeks of my new hard-earned wages on.


So - in the meantime, in the spirit of happy, smiling blogs - here's a pretty picture.

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Thanks for the very pretty picture.

    Right, I'm all for name and shame. Any chance there's CCTV at the gastronomic venue? Might get the tags of the offender?

    I would for sure write to the papers and tell the story, being sure to describe the vehicle in detail - it's bound to have a bit of paint transfer along with at least a little damage! See if you can flush out that revolting woman.

  2. Er, don't ask me how I know this (ok, do, I mystery shop) but they should have cctv footage. They would defo here in the UK.

    BTW, I was always a fan of your posts on BE and I was so pleased when I finally connected your blog to yourself!

    I'd have a word with the local plod and see if they can get the vid. Good luck!

  3. Hi Rob and Jayne - thanks for your comments - I did think of the CCTV route but I parked on the road beside the building, not in the car park itself so I doubt this will be covered. I shall have a drive by tomorrow to double check.

    And Jayne - thanks for the vote of support. It's great that I can write my drivel in several places - hee hee!!!

  4. Hmm...just reading your sad tale now.

    For that amount of damage, I'd return to that same KFC outlet and ask the counter people if they know "the teacher" or "the former student" and try to track them from that point....... in addition to making frequent drive-bys to spot the offending vehicle.

    You could have reported the "fail to remain" to the local police along with the vehicle description. It's not mandatory to file an insurance claim...but, at least the cops would have something on record.


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