Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scenic Sunday

No more snow please ...

Let's have one day off and go back to the summertime instead.

Follow me ... feel the warmth of the sunshine on your shoulders .... and breathe ....

Let's head back to "Going to the Sun" Road just south of the Alberta/Montana border in Glacier National Park

Fancy a dip of your toes ?

Crane your neck in the hazy sunshine ...

Fields of Beargrass (Xerophyllum tenax) - I just love this flower ...and it is also called other names such as: soap grass, elk grass, fire lily as well as squaw and Indian basket grass. It is found in very high altitudes of the northwestern United States and Canada. The leaves are strong enough for weaving, hence the name Indian basket grass. Native Americans used all of this plant for head dress as well as foot wear.

Glacial waters melting, trickling or gushing, with the hordes of visitors trundling by ...

And I think this one is Mountain Harebell (campanula rotundifolia) ... growing up, along and inside the crevices of rocks ...

And the colour green .... ahhhhhh.

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  1. I am counting down the days until the world looks like that again! I am such a hybernator. I think I may have to learn to love winter sports or at least making snowmen. I spend 5 months of the year in front of the TV (or the computer), eating and waiting for it to warm up!!

  2. I was in this area today and it looks nothing like your lovely summer images. We are deep in winter. A winter with not much snow.....

  3. Wonderful shots from Glacier, I love those beargrass flowers but I did not know their name. thanks for sharing your scenic shots.

  4. Beautiful pictures of the great nature! Love//Eva

  5. Thanks for the sunshine! I love Glacier Park and the area around it. Most beautiful!

  6. Stunning photos, Ann! I love the beargrass pics; gorgeous!

  7. These are great photos! I feel much warmer now. :)

  8. The Mountains, the BearGrass, the Green...all of it is breath-taking. Even the icy waters. You live amongst some Beautiful God's Country. Thanks for sharing.
    God Bless


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