Sunday, February 7, 2010

My World Tuesday ... Down by the Riverside

The Bow River runs through Cochrane, Alberta - not quite frozen over, despite it's best efforts.

The waters rush past in a hurry to flow eastwards to Calgary and head out the other side. I'm not sure why though. If they only knew their fate 30km down river. It's an iceberg traffic jam down there!

The goods trains trundle by. Layers and layers of sheets of ice overlap each other and line the banks.
We humans can only guess where the actual land ends and the ice starts. I wasn't about to test the limits.

Jagged layers point skywards making for interesting shapes and opaque turquoises.

The waters look like one massive slushy or slurpee drink - I wouldn't fancy dipping my straw into this one though.

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  1. It's very pretty this time of year. With the low temperatures you've had, I'm surprised the river isn't frozen over. I guess the water must flow too fast for the crystals to form?

  2. Wow! What gorgeous shots! And it does look COLD!! Love the shadows and reflections and the bare trees silhouetted against the sky! Wonderful! Hope you have a great week!


  3. I love your descriptions! I see cold, wet, mess. but you see poetry!

  4. Great photo and descriptions for folks who don't know the region to appreciate the local environment. Looks like spring might be just around the corner for you with all that sparkling sunshine.

  5. gorgeous wintry landscape.

    my entry is here:

  6. An icy world for sure, but at least the sun is shining!

  7. A dangerously beautiful piles like that at the cabin just below where the rocks loose their tumble before the bridge...great photos but glad you did not attempt walking further...

  8. You combine the two extremes of the seasons... :-) Nice blog and lovely photos...

    Pixellicious Photos

  9. Fantastic winter shots, the first one is defnitely my favourite. Also props on your header pic, its outstanding.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  10. Brrrr... that river is cold enough in the summer but that looks positively hypothermic!

    Great blue sky though!

  11. Beautiful pictures. Ice jams are not like jam on toast. Do not mess with them - too powerful.

  12. Don't fancy dipping my straw in that either.....;-)

  13. Wow, its amazing to see a river that is this cold! I have not had the chance to be around such an experience. These are beautiful photos of the ice built up along the edge, what great sculptures nature makes!


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