Monday, March 29, 2010

My World Tuesday

Hubby bought himself a new Garmin GPS thing the other day - under the guise of a(nother) necessary item for the paragliding cupboard. In order to earn it's keep in the family budget, we then used said GPS thingie and had our first attempt at geocaching.

Apparently, there are several hidden treasure sites within a mile or two of our house...

....... so off we set. Note the brown, bland colours in
My World this week.
C'mon green sprouting stuff, do your thing!
The dogs used due diligence and eager sniffing noses to hunt the treasure.
I spied a young lady in the bushes .... and although she might be my treasure,
she's not what we were looking for!
The dogs maintained their vigil - jumping into the last remaining snow beside the not-quite-so-frozen Bow River. Just a good excuse for more play time but they enjoyed the outing regardless.

We came away disappointed with no find on this occasion, despite the bleeping GPS and hubby's excited assurances that we were "right on top of it" - whatever "it" was. I suspect "it" was in the snow - and so we'll try again another day.

Have a great week. For more MyWorld Tuesday pictures from around the world, click here.


  1. Neat...I found a GPS unit, on a trial ride a few weeks ago..= I need to get the handbook to figure it completely out.
    Your treasure beautiful a girl.
    Looks to be a fun thing for family outings!

  2. Ha ha! Men and their gadgets! Looks like a lot of fun anyway...

  3. Oh, geocashing in the snow might be fun, but I think you've discovered it's a pastime best suited to warmer weather.

  4. Ah yes, one more electronic thing. You should be at my house. More computer monitors than any one person needs at one time. Jude

  5. What a fun outing though! It looks like you had some fun together anyway! We have one of those garmin things, and on our recent road trip, it sent us on a lot of weird detours!


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