Monday, May 24, 2010

Flowery My World Tuesday

More photos from this week's road trip. And this Tuesday, I am seeking help.

I wish to use and abuse my good readers for some floral knowledge! Please holler if you know the names of any of these ....

This lilac coloured beauty was using other plants for support, beside a rushing river ..... is it a kind of harebell?

..and in a pine forest ... isn't this bark just gorgeous? Again, I could not find any pictures with bark like this - it was very mature and tall version of most of the trees in the area - a tree with needles in bundles (but I forgot to count how many).

I'm frustrated that I haven't mastered macro yet - are these little blurred flowers orchids? (also under found on a forest floor while out walking off the beaten track)

A weed or a wildflower or a bit of both? Bright blasts of colour regardless.

And what are these feathery frongs at the water's edge? Will they flower?

Have a lovely week folks.
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  1. Lovely shots Ann. I agree that bark is beautiful.

    I don't know any of the plants except maybe the bottom one. It might be 'horsetail.' It looks similar to a plant that would overtake a part of my garden if I didn't constantly yank it out. It's not identical but it might be related.

  2. All very pretty and interesting, but like you I'm clueless. Sorry.

  3. "Jigsaw" bark is characteristics of Ponderosa Pine--needles will be very long (5 - 10").

    Yellow flower is Heartleaf Arnica.

    Blue flower is not like at all like our Harebells.

    Orchis look like Fairy Slippers--hard to tell fer shur without a head-on shot

  4. EcoRover - thank you SO much for that information - and now you have pointed me in the right direction, yes, the orchids do definitely look like the Fairy Slipper.


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