Monday, May 10, 2010

You gotta love Costco

Costco. A shopping phenomenon like no other. A "Cash and Carry" concept for the discerning customer! It is, I do declare, a very dangerous place that magically makes you part with at least $400 per visit, even though you only went in there to pick up some shampoo and have a wee look around. It should carry a Government Wealth Warning.

CostCo affords you the luxury of being able to purchase a giant pack of 1002 toilet rolls of which there is no conceivable way you can house them all - so you go around your home, manically shoving them into random cupboards, and then promptly forgetting where you placed them ... thereby running out of loo rolls at inopportune moments and feeding the need to go out to buy another giant pack of bog paper - and a five-man tent complete with sleeping bags and an air bed.

Where else can you buy frozen apple pies that don't actually fit into the freezer, 52 rolls of sellotape for the price of 3, a 14' trampoline that must be purchased today because there won't be any left in stock when you go again next month, and a 24-pack of mixed fruit juices where the Banana & Berry remain languishing in the pantry 'cos no-one actually liked those ones?

And now you can now take spontaneous shopping mistakes to another level.

Something for the weekend madam?

Like I say, you've gotta love Costco!


  1. I don't know that you GOTTA love Costco, but I'm pretty sure customers like you are very much loved by Costco!

  2. You gotta love those big warehouse stores. I shop at BJ's in our area, no Costco, but the same deal. Forget making a list. I just walk up and down EVERY aisle whether I need anything in the aisle or not. You never know what may be lurking in the automotive aisle! Fortunately I do have space in my basement, AKA.."the stock room"..for the thousands of rolls of toilet paper, paper towel, hand soap, etc. What will they start selling next....Jude

  3. Hysterical! This might sound unbelievable, but I've never set foot in a Costco. I'm tempted to go every time I pass one, but I'm afraid I'll step inside and my loved ones will never see me again!


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