Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Wonder of Thunder

We are having a short but very loud thunderstorm - right now!

And yet the sun is shining really brightly, as it pours with rain outside - casting sharp shadows across my front room.

And as I look out of my back door, there is a double rainbow.

And in fact, this one is a complete arch.
I have never seen a whole rainbow reaching from one side to the other - unfortunately, I could not get a good enough view (seeing as how it was raining so hard), but ain't the weather grand sometimes?

Maybe I should have saved this for Skywatch Friday
but I was too excited!


  1. Ooo, we had the same theme for our posts. No rainbows here though.

    BTW.I love your front room, it's gorgeous.

  2. I love a sunny storm...the double rainbow is awesome, I captured one months ago that lay awesome across my field. We had a terribly dangerous storm north of us that did quite the damage...stay safe

  3. Ditto 'me' - gorgeous room.

    Fab rainbows and you're so lucky to have thunder storms!

  4. Thanks for your comments and your nice words about my front room!


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