Thursday, August 5, 2010

Calgary Zoo

We have some family over visiting from the UK at the moment - our first family visitors - so it's been a busy week. Out and about to show them the delights around Calgary, all while meeting the needs of a busy 4-year old nephew on his hols. So one of the days was a wander around the Zoo.

So let's have a quick wash and brush up to start the day

... and then catch up on all the gossip!

Come with me as we take slightly silly view around Calgary Zoo.

A magnificent tail of fluff

belongs to one of the cutest creatures ever put on this planet - the Red Panda - who was decidedly shy, and quick, and hard to photograph.

Whirls of colour belong to .....
... this handsome but dozing fellow.

And somebody needs a manicure - Monsieur le Grizzly Bear.

And maybe this wee beauty is very common, but I can't find him on an internet search, so if anyone knows the name of this butterfly, majestically sunning himself on a fence railing, please let me know.

EDIT: with thanks to whatandysees - this butterfly is known as Mourning Cloak in North America, and known as Camberwell Beauty in Britian - Nymphalis antiopa.

Beautiful wild roses ...

The newly renovated Prehistoric Park now includes animatronic, roaring dinosaurs - enough to scare the pants off a young child!

And what does a T-Rex keep between his legs?

The Calgary Tower of course - not quite the Jurassic era after all!

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  1. You've got a great eye Ann. Really cool photos. I love the paw!

    If you take your visitors up the tower, I expect to see a pic of you on the glass floor. ;-)


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