Saturday, October 16, 2010

Note to Self

When you are thinking about the lovely weather 
and enjoying the unexpected warm, summer-like days 
- just keep your mouth shut and don't tell anyone, OK?

The karma fairies came to visit yesterday morning.

So note to self - any hint of smugness will come back and bite you in the arse!


  1. Smug, smug over here on the east side of the province, but we know our time is coming. Once you have your first snow, ours can't be far behind, and it makes for wonderful photo ops.

    Kay, near Medicine Hat

  2. No way! Snow already? Oh my gosh!

  3. LMAO!!!!

    (Sorry I really shouldn't but...)



  4. Life and Learn eh?! The bragging that I was doing this side of the pond certainly never helped! lol
    You look like you got alot more than South of Calgary and Okotoks too! lol

  5. OOPS! I won't say anything smug because snow has been known to fall on Ontario in October.


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