Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

My previous SkyWatch showed some early morning delights.  

Check out some early evenings now.

Despite the fading greens of summer, and rapidly-dropping golden leaves of autumn, the sky still manages to add a little pizazz as we head into mid-October.

The weather in Calgary has been completely abnormal, in a good way, and it seems we have been given an extra three weeks of summer really.  I sure ain't complaining, bearing in mind that on 2nd October last year, I was blogging about the first snowfall!

Windows reflect an early evening sky.

And goodnight.

Happy SkyWatch Friday folks.


  1. Wonderful clouds! And I love your goodnight shot -- great clouds of a totally different sort.
    Out here on the other side of Alberta, we had a beautiful sunset tonight, but I really think I need a new camera. Or a tripod. Or both.


  2. Thanks Kay - any excuse for a new camera - take it!

    Marnie - I know, massive! I'm loving my skies at the moment!

  3. Breathtaking, superb captures and what a glorious way to end the day! I particularly love the clouds/colors in the first two shots! Fantastic!


  4. Lovely soft colors!

  5. All so different but I do love the reflections shot. Very creative .

  6. Nice you got such great fall weather. Especially as last winter came so early. Love your shots!

  7. The pastel shades are beautiful in the clouds.

    Hmmm. Wish it were more like summer here in Ontario!

  8. It looks so lovely! We are over there for a week from next Thurs so fingers crossed the nice weather lasts a little bit longer!! xx

  9. Love the long shots and the reflection on the window!


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