Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dances with Humans - A "Ruff" week

Hello there, it's Smudge here and it's been a ruff week for me.  I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself.

I'll come back and explain those sexy little socks (yellow bandages) in a moment.  So first off, I had my annual barber shop visit for a professional hair cut.  I don't mind the wash and blow dry bit  - it's those clippers I'm not impressed with.  Once again, the shave was a tad too close and all week, I've been twitching like I've got fleas (which I haven't) and been licking my itchy bits!  The Reluctant Dog Owner has finally agreed that I don't have to go to that parlour again.

Then on Friday, The Boss whisked me off to the vets where they shaved my front paw and inserted a sleepy drug and next thing I know, I come round, feeling all groggy - and a bit drunk really.  
This photo has been unapologetically uploaded for the sympathy vote - some oohs and aah's please.

I've had some claws removed because they were continually annoying me, growing all curly, and The Reluctant Dog Owner couldn't get the nail clippers in around them to trim them for me.  So after a few years of trying to make this work, they decided to cut them off.  Bit drastic if you ask me - but they didn't ask me, so....  

I'm OK now of course - I have bravely and valiantly battled on through the pain and the embarrassing ritual of having Ziploc bags tied over my feet (man, they are slippy to try and walk in), and I've been a bit bored too.  No ball chasing, no river-dunking, no bird-harrassing...
... the shame of it, I've had to wear that ridiculous cone on my head. Again. And Honey has been no help whatsoever.

It was a double dose of hell - not only could I not get at those bandages and start nibbling, but I couldn't lick my itchy bits either.  What's a dog to do?

I've milked this for all it's worth of course, and have been pampered with so many cuddles and ear-tickles - it's almost been worth it.


  1. Oh, Smudge, oodles and oodles of sympathy from Lindy the Golden Retriever over here near Medicine Hat. My vet shaved a big patch of fur off my hip because I had a skin infection called a "hot spot", and now I have to have cream on it several times a day. Fortunately, I don't have to wear a cone.
    Honey is very pretty but, I can see, not very understanding! Poor Smudge.
    — Lindy, with typing by Kay

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Aww, poor you! The barber, the itches, the surgery and finally the Collar of Shame . . . never mind, all will be well soon and you'll be much more comfortable without those curly claws.

  3. Oh no! Razor burn, sore paw and the Cone of Shame! Poor Smudge! I hope they're feeding you lots of treats.

  4. It's just a dogs' life!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. I'm feeling very sorry for you, Smudge. I hope next week is much, MUCH better!

  6. Ahhhh, poor Smudge! I think a few treats are in order!