Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blogging gets sidelined...again

It's that time of year blogging some nonsense about my world has become almost non-existent - and I'm missing out on lots of your own updates and lovely photos.  I have, of course, many excuses I can offer, but none are very original.  And to prove my state of mind right now,  I can't even think of anything interesting to entertain and distract you from my boring excuses!

Family life continues at a fast pace.  After-school activities and the requisite ferrying around takes up much energy. Homework for all - or should that read "cajoling" sessions?
Finally repainted the last basement room and Daughter Number One moved into her new purple palace - OK -aubergine, if we are being technical.
Have been back to my choral group on Tuesdays - fa la la la la'ing with a new repertoire of pretty toons for our Christmas concert.  Supposed to be learning them by heart, but it's all going in one ear and out the other right now.

Life for a couple of friends has thrown some awful curveballs recently and we have tried to help out, cook meals, and generally rally round being upbeat and supportive.
"Back to School" for me on a Wednesday evening - a long, long day and my brain is about to shut down for the season. Grades are respectable however, which is a relief as I am currently feeling like a right old fart in a class of early-twenty somethings!
Work has been so busy busy - many staff changes, swapping of duties, and in a moment of weakness, I agreed to take on presenting the new staff orientations (gawd help 'em - the blind leading the blind).

Hubby has also changed the focus of his job and he is finally a happy chappie who does not have to contemplate working outdoor shifts during this winter - hurray.  And he will do regular office hours - this is indeed a miracle!
Halloween and pumpkin-carving has been and gone, and I bought a new Christmas tree last week!

Life is a rush right now.  Can you tell my brain is fried?
I need a week off and a spa weekend.  Who's in?


  1. Wonderful you have found time to help out your friends in their time of need despite your busy schedule. You'll always feel good about that.
    I love the way you've illustrated your non-story this weekend. The blind leading the blind is so funny. You know what they say, if you want something done, ask a busy person. That's probably why they have you doing the orientations.
    I think you should, indeed, have a spa weekend, or at least a spa day. My massage therapist offers a day spa—a treat and a re-treat I've been thinking about for a while now.
    Take care of yourself.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Me please!

    (Just seen off the in-laws after a two and a half week just over a week my brother and his girlfriend arrive to stay with us for a year...just about to hire a contractor for a basement renovation in which we know we will have some "unexpected challenges" (read: expensive) arise...trying to get a U of C coursework module finished...oh, and four months preggers too!)


    P.S.Nice pumpkins - I am going to have to up my pumpkin carving game next year!

  3. Deep breathing is helpful . . . :-)

  4. Thanks folks.

    Kay - this busy person is fully-loaded now - that spa looks more and more attractive by the minute!

    Flossie - staying for a year??? You are indeed gracious! Good luck with the renos - they do come to an end eventually - that is what you must keep telling yourself (as you write your name in the dust!). Hope the pregnancy is going well - congrats again!

    Jabblog - I am breathing so deeply I might just fall asleep any moment!

  5. You HAVE been busy! But this too will pass. Otherwise, how will we all meet up for that spa weekend?!