Sunday, February 12, 2012

All calm

I really have nothing new to report, except confessing to an inordinate amount of time spent in front of the television this month, having belatedly discovered the The Big Bang Theory.
Watching all the back series has created hours of laughter for the whole family and brought about a new-found love of colourful graphic t-shirts, Sheldon-isms and the word "Bazinga" .  If you have no idea of which I speak, all I can recommend is to nudge your funny bone and try out a couple of episodes.  (Beware: Watching just one episode will surely only bemuse you, so stick with it and watch three). 

It is the second week of February and winter has been mild and easy, and totally unlike the past two years.  And hurray for that!
There is little, if any snow, anywhere - the landscape is quite bland and colourless, the skies have been sometimes grey and sometimes brilliant blues.  The mountains zoom in and out of focus as the mists, clouds and winds ebb and flow.

The temperatures have been so thankfully mild, that even if we get another arctic blast before the Spring, this will already go down as a "genteel" winter season.

In the meantime, Europe has received some record-breaking low temperatures, and as the Frostbite & Sunburn household pack some suitcases for a visit to England, I am frowning at the forecasts which show that the UK has been colder than Calgary this week.

Look here - I booked mild temps, green rolling hills and snowdrops!

See you in a few weeks.


  1. We are even more mild on the west coast. My daffodil leaves are about 5 inches tall already. Lovely.
    Have a great time in England.

    1. Daffodils? Jealous .... me? Enjoy.

      And thanks Lori - looking forward to the trip - camera is at the ready!

  2. I've just discovered the Big Bang Theory too. I really like it. I have a little version of Sheldon here at my house!
    Hope you're still enjoying nice weather. We finally got a bit of a dumping here last night...right in time for my 2-hour drive to the airport to pick up my wayward husband next week. Never fails!
    Have a great Sunday!