Saturday, March 3, 2012

English scenes

We have just spent a couple of weeks back on my old home turf in Surrey and the south London borders in the UK.
(Guildford High Street, the County Town of Surrey)
(River Wey, Guildford, Surrey)
It was initially quite a weird sensation and I felt no affiliation to the place at all.  It was all so familiar but I felt disconnected.  Perhaps it was a combination of jet lag, a lumpy mattress and low grey skies?  And look at that butchered tree!
The network of public transit is absolutely fantastic around the South East.  I have a new appreciation, now living in an area with none.
I felt rushed, and claustrophobic - by the volume and speed of people and traffic, the tiny twisting roads and miniature parking spaces.
Days out in London do not help with inner peace, but the architecture can be lovely! Especially when highlighted with sunshine.
And as usual, we were drawn to the the West End - theatreland - and saw the musical Billy Elliot while we were there.  Brilliant.
But after a few days, as my time clock and my senses adjusted, and the skies opened up a little, it was defintely a great trip - filled with people and food and shopping - a wonderful and fattening combination that assaults the wallet and pulls at the heart-strings.
And, to my chagrin, I barely paused to take many photos - that tells you how busy we were.
So here are just a few snap shots of a very scenic and lush south of England in February.
I am linking to two memes today - SkyWatch Friday and Scenic Sunday - and please take a moment to enjoy some other contributions too.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful (if busy) time "back home." Yes, there's no comparison between Canada's big open spaces and England's size, is there? But Rule Britannia, as they say.

  2. Haven't been to the UK, so thanks for the tour. Beautiful photos!

  3. I live about half an hour away from Guildford. We did have some beautiful days in February - unseasonably warm.

    It sounds as though you had a good time once you'd relearnt to shoe-horn yourself into small spaces amongst large crowds;-)

  4. Seems so so strange not to see snow in Feb. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Beautiful English scenes :) I enjoyed them as well as the wit in your post. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. A lovely tour of Surry and beautiful scenes from England. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. Happy Scenic Sunday!

  7. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for this little vicarious holiday. I should've taken a real one with my husband before we had kids. The idea of doing that flight with my boys fills me with terror, so I think it'll be a long while before I make it back to the UK myself!

  8. That's how I feel going from an American suburb to one of the Capitols in Europe! Especially the part about the twisty tiny roads and tiny parking places:):)
    Thanks for taking us on your trip with you!

  9. I would love to go back to England as I have so few memories of the land where I was born. But for now I'll enjoy your wonderful photos instead!

  10. What a great classic little theatre. Did some research around London town once upon a time, but especially treasure my memories of working out at Rothamstead. I can still taste the cheese served at the pub there...

  11. I enjoyed your views through your photos thsi Scenic Sunday! "Tiny twisting roads and miniature parking spaces" could also describe where I live!

  12. I live in Australia and have left it too late to go over there so I am always looking for pics and film. Loved yours. Di.Port Macquarie NSW

  13. Nice photos despite the grey clouds!!

    My Dad was from Chilworth - I used to go and visit my grandparents there when I was little - I remember Guildford being rather a nice place. I hate London with a passion and would do anything to avoid visiting - dirty, busy, overcrowded, dirty, smelly, scary and dirty. Last time we went I lost middle son (then aged 4) for 20 mins - he wondered out of the London Eye shop and the security guards didn't think to stop him!

    Canada sounds a lovely place, would love to visit - but I think you know when you've found your corner of the world and I very happy in mine - glad that you sound happy in your corner (minus the mini mansion!)

    And why do they do that to town trees?

    1. Thanks otmum - yes it was lovely to visit, and Guildford is a great town. As for those poor trees, I don't know - criminal!!