Sunday, September 23, 2012


The days are still wonderfuly warm this week - 
once again Alberta has offered us an extended summer by hitting 23º to 26ºC degrees all week.  
Clear blue skies all the way, and it's so hazy that I cannot see the mountains.
But the evenings are noticeably shorter and the sun is setting by about 8.15pm.  
Temperatures at nightime are actually comfortable.
And the beautiful prairie autumnal yellows are everywhere.
I've mentioned before that our landscape does not really offer the red hues for the fall colours, as our growing zone does not support the maples and the variety of tree-life that show off the crimsons.  
So we draw our colours mostly from larches and poplars - and then the majority of trees and shrubs will subtly hint at some oranges, but go straight to the yellows too.
Occasionally there is a specimen plant or tree that sparkles in someone's garden to remind us of the richer tones.  
And throughout my neighbourhood, 
we can observe colour in the berries.

Otherwise, it's nice to click on an Ontario or New England blog to get a red fix!
Have a peaceful autumnal week.

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  1. It's a beautiful time of year - the air is crisper, the night skies are brighter. Every season has its joys.

  2. Yes, the East gets most of the beautiful orange and red colours, it's true. But look at our glorious bright yellow trees -- just like golden flames!

  3. Yes, wonderful weather, isn't it? We noticed the haze when we were in Calgary last week. Now we're 'way up north at Fort McMurray, where my husband has come to see clients, and the weather is nice here, too. Blue skies with a few puffy white clouds, but no sign of the other white stuff. We have a few more days here and, as co-pilot on this business trip, I hope the weather stays good.
    Meanwhile, I'm hoping there was rain in the Medicine Hat-Redcliff area, because I didn't ask the neighbor to water our yard for us.

  4. Beautiful photos. I love the colours of Autumn.