Saturday, January 26, 2013

It goes like this

Hey Smudge!  Come over here.  Watch this.
First you lie down in it, like this.
Then you squirm around and rub your back like crazy. It feels awesome.
No - that's a pathetic effort - you're not even trying.
Aw, c'mon - come and play.
Yes, I know the view is great, 
but really, this rub-your-back thing...
Yeah! Now we're talking.  
Told ya!
Hey, where'd the snow go?

Linking to Camera Critters 
- have a great week.


  1. One reason dogs are better than cats. They are so much more willing to have FUN!

  2. Looks like doggie fun! Cute dogs!

  3. Hey, wait till spring. No more snow, but after a warm rain all the worms will come out. Now that is a great back rubbing experience. And its free perfume! Our humans will love that. - Margy

  4. Oh my they are very very cute!
    Happy weekend!

  5. Adore this little narrative! A great series of photos and captions! Both dogs rolling together in the snow is adorable!

  6. Fabulous pictures. I love them!
    Lindy likes to roll on her back in the snow, too. Or on the grass, or the sidewalk, or on gravel. Especially if the dog-walking person will rub her tummy.

  7. Too cute. It is universal I think. All dogs love to rub their backs in the snow. Silly puppies.

  8. They are just adorable together, and having such fun in the snow!


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