Friday, January 4, 2013

SkyWatch Friday

Happy New Year to you - I truly hope 2013 is a peaceful and healthy one for you.

On the third day of January, my little piece of southern Alberta welcomed in a warming chinook wind after a frigid few weeks - 
and with the breezes came temperatures up to 8ÂșC and the heavenly colours of the Chinook arch.

These two were taken from 
my front door step.
One with a "regular" setting on the camera,
and the other with the "vivid colour" setting.

Reality was somewhere between the two!

Happy SkyWatch Friday to you.


  1. Love the pictures and love that up in Vegreville we got the remnants of the warm wind - positive temperatures after what felt like weeks below -20!
    Happy New Year!

  2. What a rich, beautiful sky! It looks like the heavens are ringing in the New Year with lots of color.

  3. Just beautiful...I can't get enough of stunning sunsets! :)

  4. That vivid color setting is pretty impressive!!

  5. I like both...but I think I actually like the regular camera setting more.

  6. Beautiful clicks! Happy sky watching.

    Sunken Garden

  7. Gorgeous, both images! :-)
    Happy New Year,


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