Saturday, August 2, 2014

Camping near Banff

The summer weather has been fab - time to dust off the trusty yellow tent again.

First, put up tent in the only rain shower that has materialized for four weeks - someone was watching us and thought 
'Ah, yes, just in time for a wee downpour!"

Try out the newly purchased kayak.  So serene.
The skies have a been pretty hazy on some days due to the forest fires in Banff National Park.
Some of the wildlife is a little shy...
...and some of it is not. At all.
White Admiral butterflies, I believe.

Smores are essential when camping of course.
The dogs are well and truly pooped.
And it rains again, but we don't mind at all when it produces stunning rainbows reaching across the mountain vistas.
 Even a hint of a double rainbow.
Family photo album
and I even allow a rare photo!

Heading out to Vancouver Island next.  I get to play in an ocean for the first time in years.
I am SO excited!


  1. Hi there, this is Jo from expats :)
    Really enjoyed your photos, you have some lovely ones!

    1. Thanks Jo. A lazy hobby, when I remember the camera. Not quite as accomplished as you ! :)