Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween fun

Canada loves Halloween.  
Are you ready for the doorbell ringing incessantly 
on Friday night?

Here's some tips to keep it fun.
Don't get in a fuss about all those trick or treaters.

Keep your pets safely indoors.

and remember to park all your vehicles out of the way.

It's that time of year, when little people dress up, and big people should know better.

We know it's almost Halloween here, because the temperature plummets.

There has been much discussion in the news this week about inappropriate sexy costumes for kids and tweens...
but here in Alberta, it's too bloody cold to look sexy.

Anyway, come Saturday morning, we'll be trying to donate all the leftover Coffee Crisps
and putting up our Christmas lights!

Happy Halloween.


  1. This post tells it like it is, LOL! Happy Halloween!

  2. Our cats are absolutely terrified of Halloween. The fireworks go without saying but Norbert freaks out when someone knocks at the front door, He is such a sissy.

    1. Our dogs drive us bananas on Halloween. Barking at every kid, we keep them out of the way but it's a noisy night alright!

  3. Ah, those good old leftover coffee crisps! We took a big bag of them to the dentist that does the buy back candy thing and the kids were well chuffed with their $2 and flashing LED toothbrush each!! Flossie

    1. That's a fantastic plan! I want flashing toothbrush now