Friday, September 11, 2009

Skywatch Friday - Blue Blue Skies

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It's been one of those true Alberta Skies days today. Blue, blue, blue. Nothing else. No clouds anywhere, just a puff of a breeze and nothing up there in the vastness of blue of any note or feature. About 22 degrees and simply gorgeous.

It's days like this, when I sit on my back deck with a drink in my hand (non-alcoholic on this occasion - I know, amazing) that I wish I was into poetry, or that the muse would take me and inspire me to dream up some profound words to describe the sheer peace I feel on occasion. It doesn't happen often - the peace that is - so one ought to record it carefully when it does strike! Perhaps I should open a bottle of wine afterall.

I've only been pottering around at home today and therefore the pictures I have taken to prove "blueness" to you were taken around my garden.

Warning - boring, garden geek bit coming up. I am very proud of my one tomato plant! It is my first attempt ever at tomatoes and it has been lovingly tended, picked at and fertilised and is currently producing a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes - I pick about 6 to 10 a day, perfect for us. I've rarely been successful at growing vegetables in the past due to a nasty habit of buggering off on holiday for three weeks in the summer - and because I've never set up a proper irrigation system, nor had neighbours near enough to bribe into watering my plants, any previous attempts have withered and died through lack of attention.

This was me being silly, and lying down on the trampoline looking up. Trampolines would make incredibly comfortable beds, I think.

Honey decided to join me. So warm and comfy in the sunshine. Zzzzzzz.


  1. You're right, that's really blue!

    Love the first flower and well done with the tomatoes. You can't beat eating home-grown cherry tomatoes straight off the plant.

  2. Thank you gennasus - and welcome!

    That first flower a stubborn sunflower that will miss it's opportunity to finally bloom if it is not careful. I know we have at least one more week of bright, warm weather coming up from our forecast. It had better hurry or it could end up being a snow-flower!

  3. Love your sky an everything you put in front of it. I'm not sure about the trampoline for a bed, but I'm thinking a fabulous hammock for a nap. And what's better than a nap with a Cocker Spaniel?

  4. A wonderful post. You can share all the gardening photos you want if they look like these, and your little dog is adorable. Happy weekend!

  5. Hey, Skywatch pictures! :-)

    I'm impressed by the camera angles. Some serious bending and contorting to the ground. You deserved a nice lounging on the trampoline.

  6. I love your sky watch shots. The garden shots are lovely and I like the shot of Honey as well. Very cute : )

  7. Thank you and welcome to all my new visitors. How lovely to receive all your comments today.

    Yes, I did contort myself into silly angles to obtain "blue" for you, and Honey blushes with embarrassment and also thanks you after being confirmed as cute, and she will no doubt present herself again (and again) for any photo opportunity going.

  8. Envious of your blue skies - and your tomatoes. I sadly took out my plants yesterday, and set the green tomatoes to ripen indoors. Blight has been a real problem here this summer.

    Love your trampoline! We did a house exchange a couple of years ago with a family from BC, and a bear kept wandering over their trampoline that was level with the ground (over a hole so that there was a bounce). We wondered what the bear made of the experience - perhaps it was playtime!

  9. Love those blue skies, could do with some blue at this side of the world. Your tomatoes look great, I had a good crop in spite of the bad weather and neglect. Give your dog a little rub from me he looks adorable.

  10. That is a good idea, why doesn´t more people use their trampolines as beds in the night? It would save space and money!


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