Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is for Rob

An inukshuk (man-made stone landmarks believed to be used for navigation purposes) - seen near Golden, British Columbia on the road up to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort - but look further ....

Some very clever and very strong person has also built a dog to keep it company. Bless.

Nothing unusual about this sign really - they are everywhere around school zones and bus stops - but 25 metres further down the road was this sign .... only in Canada ...

Gotta look after the kids, eh? Love it.


  1. it! One man and his dog, eh!

    Thanks for that, really good and love the warning signs for children and bears at the same spot! As you say, only in Canada.

  2. Beautiful header. Here in Idaho on the desert we have Sheppards Monuments on rock ridges built by people bored while in a pile of rocks.

    Thanks for joining my blog.

  3. great post...made me smile. the bear and cub sign cute.

  4. lol!

    Great photos of the inukshuk with the mountains in behind... gorgeous!

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments and welcome bill.

    I'd never seen this bear sign before - it did make me laugh. What's next, I wonder?


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