Monday, September 7, 2009

Canadians love a parade ?

Labour Day Parade, Cochrane, Alberta - this morning.

- something homely, community spirited and just slightly bonkers about the whole thing.

The locals arrive early, bringing supplies of chairs, blankets and the essential coffee cup and set themselves up for a comfortable hour or two of waving and cheering. My family, of course, were disorganised, late and severely lacking in chairs, comfort or coffee. We managed the odd wave though.

The trailers, tractors and numerous ancient automobiles file down the main street - the driver and passengers waving and tooting, advertising their business or politics.

This fella had a huge bladder - the cattle thing, not the human - I don't know exactly what species it is, but when it relieves itself in the middle of Main Street, can I suggest that one stands well clear. In the meantime, why exactly is a human riding on one of these things anyway? Had they run out of horses? It was HUGE.

Lots of Albertan Yee-ha's along the way - this float relates to the Calgary Stampede - some little ol' party they hold once a year in the wee town down the road .... I doubt you've heard of it.

You've got to hand it to the participants. They were all no doubt awake at Silly-O'clock this morning, donning daft outfits, decorating floats and negotiating their way to the starting line-up. I don't really remember anything similar in scale in the UK on a local level. There must have been over 100 trucks, cars and trailers. The sheer numbers of volunteers and smiling faces is probably something I see as inherently Canadian. Good on 'em.

I was intrigued by this dog's haircut. A little off the top perhaps.

And I think this pony shrank in the wash.

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  1. Oh dear... ;-)

    What is it about parades in this country. It's so embarrassing!


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