Monday, October 19, 2009

A hint of wildlife ...

I was awoken on Saturday morning by a God-awful noise. A racket. As I slowly came to, and opened one eye, I tried to focus on what it was.

Geese. Canada Geese to be precise. Laughing and honking and generally adopting the role of farm cockerel and being a rude awakening for any bed-lover on a weekend morning. I swear they were three feet above my roof, shouting obscenities.

They were flying over the house by the dozen. Several dirty dozens. Hundreds of them in the end. They gathered all morning, having sent out a secret missive the week before - and all pitched camp on the golf-course lake not far away.

I presume they were carrying out their pre-flight safety checks. They were no doubt debating the merits of the recent chinook winds, their ETA for warmer climes and the quality of in-flight entertainment.

They cackled and honked for a good few hours and then set off mid-afternoon for destination unknown. By that, I mean I don't know. They obviously knew 'cos they were talking about it loudly enough.

Talking of wildlife, we have a lot of deer around here too.

Last night we were just getting ready to go up to bed (spot a theme here? - I love sleep!) when I looked out of the front window and saw the silhouette of two pointy ears. A cute deer was right up against the front of the house, happily chomping on the remnants of my annual pots. Obviously she was cute at this time of year - if she'd shown up earlier in the season, and eaten my flowers, she wouldn't look cute at all, except through a scope perhaps!

By the time I found my camera and sneaked up to the window, I only got a shot, sorry, a photo of her derriere wandering back up the street.


  1. Enjoyed the tales of departing wildlife in your world!

  2. Your writing style is witty and delightful to read. And thank you for your interesting wildlife photos--doesn't look much like our own coastal North Florida where you are! I'm glad to have found your blog (via your comment on Bill S.'s) and enjoyed browsing all your recent entries. All my best to your husband (and you!) in his physiotherapy and recovery.

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments Mary, and for visiting my blog

  4. Great sightings of the deer and geese. Great post!


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