Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My World Tuesday - Garden update.

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My Tuesday was white...

... with a hint of white added for good measure.

I've been trying for several weeks to update you on my garden work which is pretty much complete now. I waited through September to take some photos including autumn colours. That never came. Then the leaves fell off everything and it all looked bleak and dirty and I knew I'd never impress you with that.

So here is the clean, white, sanitized and completely useless update on my garden! This is the new vegetable patch. You're amazed at the design skills, aren't you?

This is one of several new prepared flower-beds-to-be. It is one of four areas I did the lasagne gardening, and when the spring comes around next year, this will be a huge semi-circle of fertile new ground ready for me to plant up. Or that's the theory anyway. Again, I can feel your awe.

And this is the new dog run. No more poop on lawns for us. Everyone else repeats that god-awful green chain-link fencing for dog runs, but I was having none of that. So hubby dusted off the tools and spirit level and purchased half the local store's supply of timber and made this fenced-off area at the back of the house, together with the gateway - and I'm really pleased with the results. Again, add some plantings and colour next year and it will all look fab. C'mon guys - you've really got to use your imagination here, I know.

But for now, I just sit and watch more snowflakes fall and dream of garden centres, lush green lawns and spring bulbs.


  1. Wow! That's WHITE! Can't imagine that at the moment, but I guess it beats "dull." The gardens are lovely!

  2. Hi Louise - yep - white !! Bit of a shock to the system to be honest. Thanks for the comment about the garden - I knew you'd be able to "see" my vision ! hee hee

  3. That was a very thoughtful idea for the timber fence for dogs run.

  4. Yes, I'm beginning to see your vision, if I stare hard enough at the white! White already...


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