Monday, October 19, 2009

A pain in the neck ...

After his near-tearful weekend, and getting high as a kite on morphine, the results of the MRI for my husband-in-pain are in.

He had a collapsed disc in his neck - C5 and C6, or C7 - I can't remember which but it means nothing to me anyway. The belated MRI showed it in all it's glory and he has been signed off work for a month.

"See?" he said, "I wasn't putting it on". As if ... he's not that good an actor, and not many people can throw up on cue.

Even as I type this, some physiotherapist is man-handling him, or should that be woman-handling him? I don't think it matters - although I can see how being woman-handled (for him) might be more appealing. Manipulation and traction is the order of the day, apparently.

I was a little wary of the physiotherapist route to be honest - he broke his hand in January and because no-one confirmed it was broken until June, he had 20 physio sessions on a broken bone. Funny how it never seemed to feel any better ...

A quick internet search tells me that 95% of cases of this neck disc thingie heal up within a few weeks and he should not need any further action, or surgery. Unlike his hand! It's been one of those years ...

At least he is no longer a drug whore (Note - when the little label on the side of the container says "May cause constipation", take the hint and drink lots of water. No further details required at this point methinks) - and he can sleep in a relatively normal position; he is now fairly mobile, so the pair of us are sharing many daily walks with the dogs, which is quite nice really. A quick glimpse at our retirement perhaps?

He cannot drive comfortably yet, so I am chief chauffeur at the moment.

He was due to start a new job on a new department two weeks ago which involved mountain bikes and lycra. I can't see him climbing on board - or climbing into - either at this time.

He's been a bit embarrassed to have won the new post, then not turn up ever since - but his supervisor at work has been fine (and probably a bit distracted by a new baby to be honest - congrats Mr F!) - and hubby is definitely not returning to work until I say so - sod the doctors, I'm the boss on this one!


  1. Oh know, poor guy.

    Well I did the course hubby is missing and I can tell you on day 4 my arse was in the same condition as his neck. I walked like a person who had spent a month in jail !!!!!!

    Hope he gets better soon


  2. Presuming you are Mr C? He's already done that course, and knows what you mean - but he then got appointed to the department and has failed to show up! Cheers for the good wishes - any excuse for some time off, eh? Hee hee.

  3. Wow, ouchy sounding stuff but it's good that you all know what caused the pain.

    I hope he's feeling better by now, for your sake!


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