Thursday, September 9, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Misty Morn

Beautiful pink start to the day in Alberta.

Cooler September nights produce low lying mist, shrouding my hometown in the foothills and hiding it from view.
Below those rooftops you can see, several thousand invisible inhabitants are waking to a very misty morning.

The Rockies have a new white covering.
When it rains on me, it snows on them.

Another day dawns.

Have a lovely weekend and happy skywatching.

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  1. Hi Frosty/Sunny -
    That is absolutely beautiful. The low-lying mist looks like an ocean or a large lake. I had no idea that happened. It's gorgeous. Thank you for today's first lesson in what I didn't know!!
    -- Kay
    on the other side of Alberta

  2. What a gorgeous way to begin the day and you've captured it beautifully! Love the soft, misty colors! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!


  3. Thanks ladies - these were taken on Tuesday morning - and pretty enough to make me stop the car on the way to work, and then be a few minutes late!

  4. Well worth being late for, I know that feeling you just can't resisit a good sunrise!..... I do like the misty ones, 'cause you just KNOW it's going to be golden, well captured and thanks for sharing!.....:)

  5. Great photos, all that mist and fog adds lots of interesting details to the scene.

  6. Very very beautiful photos!They looking so quiet-really great places to relax!

  7. What a reward for getting up early. Stunning shots.

  8. Calgary is situated in a lovely spot just east of the Rockies. What gorgeous skies!

  9. Snow in the mountains ~ right where it belongs! :-) I am so not ready for winter. Beautiful place.

  10. I love the alpenglow pictures. Great work.


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