Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cheese Grater Skies

What is this? No, it's not a cheese grater ....

It's one of these. None the wiser?

Well, it's a large metallic panel, about 2 feet square.
All the little cut-out circles are placed at different angles.

So you put lots of squares together, and then you get ......

A giant picture. Of clouds.

This is the outside covering to a new car park (parkade) where I work.

How cool is that?

Much better than giant slabs of grey concrete.
The clouds "move" as you move and the angles change.

Metallic skies.


  1. Seriously nifty. I want one of those. Wow. Was this on "Skywatch Friday"? Did I miss it? It's great. Etc., etc., ad infinitum.

    Southeastern Alberta

  2. Very cool and refreshingly different. Love it.

  3. Very innovative! I agree, much nicer than concrete!

  4. I go past this on the way to work every day and I think its great - much better than seeing another concrete car park!


  5. Very interesting and great photography. Super post.

  6. That IS cool!

    Love the series of pics... I scrolled down slowly, guessing all the while... fun. :-)

  7. Any chance you could tell exactly where this is, I'm an Architect looking for a similar product.

  8. Hi Terri - the building is at SAIT - Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary. No idea who designed or commissioned it but I guess contact our Facilities Management department for more details.


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